Too Much Ado

        Ado= n. Bustle; fuss; trouble; bother; a rapid active commotion.

Sometimes a helping hand is the best present a person can give.

Today about 80% of families in the US are dual income earners, which means both the husband and wife work outside of the home in order to provide a sound, consistent income for their families.  Between organizing school work papers, volunteering, paying bills, buying birthday gifts, clothes, groceries, taking care of the home, and cleaning it up, I feel like sometimes we just need a helping hand! 
    In reality, there simply is not enough time in a day to spend with those we love, get all of our "errands" done, and be able to enjoy life.  My job is to help you spend more time with the ones you love, and less with the things you don't love to do.
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